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do it better!'
—Henry Ford
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About REED

REED LLC. is an independent legal unit in the structure of the private corporation of family companies J.F. Shea Co.. The corporation was established in 1881 and participated in some of the largest construction projects in the US—the Hoover and Parker dams, Golden Gate Bridge, the metropolises of San Francisco, Washington, New York. Shea Homes is the largest privately-held home-building company in the US.

REED was established in 1957 by Frank Reed, inventor of a new type of dry shotcrete machine, the so-called bowl-type gunite machine The dry shotcrete pneumatic machine was so effective, that when in 1966 it was presented to John Shea from J.F. Shea Co., he started using it in the construction projects of J.F. Shea Construction. Initially, John Shea offered the machine through one of the distribution companies of the corporation, and in 1970 he purchased REED. He then started an intensive expansion of the production capacity and the product range of the company. In 1980 REED started the production of trailer-mounted concrete pumps, and 10 years later, in 1990—of boom pumps.

Product range:

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From its establishment to present days, REED LLC. continues to improve and extend its production in its manufacturing facility in Chino, California. The company has set a stable international distribution network, and its machines work on construction sites in all parts of the world.

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