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The new mobile REED M2200 Pan Mixer has batch capacity of 1 300 kg material and mixing time for a batch of 1 000 kg within 3 minutes. The ready mix is quickly discharged to the pump hopper to be sprayed or pumped.

Main application – when working with specialized mixes with limited time for production and applying them by using the wet shotcrete method (fire protection, repair, 3D-applications, etc.)

Propulsion – 50 hp (37,3 kW) electric power pack, or the hydraulic system of the specially developed for such applications trailer-mounted concrete pumps REED B series (B20, B20HP, B20HP-PP).

Possibility for a quick reaction in changing the recipe and chemical additions at the construction site, in the event of non-conformities.

M2200 Pan Mixer is light and comfortable enough for work, easy to transport to and install at every construction site.

M2200 Pan Mixer with a power pack and trailer-mounted concrete pumps REED B20 and REED B20HP, positioned in operational condition.
M2200 Pan Mixer packed in for easier transport. The four legs of the mixer can be collapsed quickly to reduce the transport height of the machine.
When packed for transport, the water tank could be turned upside down. The additional power pack could be sled under the mixer. REED M2200 could be unloaded from a truck with a forklift, by using the forklift tubes mounted onto the mixer and the power pack.